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Katy Perry And Rihanna One Trick Ponies

OMG.  Rihanna dressed like a hooker and Katy Perry all quirky and cutesie with her dyed blue hair?  How crazy!  These pics are about as original as this year’s Grammy Awards.  Watching Bruce and the E Street Band open the show was particularly sad.  Sad because half the audience doesn’t know who he is, and the other half are just there to see Lady Gaga or that Minaj chick… Bruce doesn’t belong with in the same room with all the those hacks.  Nor does Macca.  And the Beach Boys?  Dear God!  Just brutal to watch.  I wanted to break Mike Love’s fingers during Good Vibrations.  Coldplay?  Sure, whatever.  Like these pics, it’s all contrived crap that we keep buying into every year.

Who’s Maroon 5 And How Did I Get Here?

beach boys maroon 5 grammys

beach boys maroon 5 grammy's

The ‘effing Mayans were right.  The end of the world is nigh.  It’s not bad enough pretty boy Avril Lavigne Adam Levine is beamed into our living rooms every week on, The Voice, he’s now going to open up my chest cavity with a spoon and rip out what’s left of my blackened soul.  The Grammy Academy who in their almighty wisdom decided to team the Beach Boys up with Maroon 5 and Foster The People for this year’s award show is pretty much screwing with us.

It’s a painful enough show to watch as it is, do they really need to add to the confusion of the whole boring spectacle?  I’m pretty certain Al and Mike are all up for a Beach Boys reunion, it’s money for them.  But Brian.  Why you?  You held out for so long, and now that you’re pretty much a walking corpse, now you decide to get back with the Boys?  Who made you sign what?  Maroon 5… are you kidding me.  They’re from Calabasas.  CALABASAS.