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As we should feel bad for her. This was an absolute damning piece of footage that is going to potentially fuck up her professional life, if not her personal one.

In TV, everything is going to be about your image and what you project. How you get over with a mass amount of individuals takes a lot of well thought out and clever sentences, as well as projecting out a favorable demeanor, and just really how you connect with people. Not any one person can get in front of the camera and do it. It is even more trying when you are a woman crossing over into a man dominated world. Yet all of that work came crumbling down, thru no act of her own, in one fell swoop, click and/or browse.

This isn't Nancy Kerrigan saying she feels corny, or Paris Hilton fucking a guy on tape type situation. Those people pretty much lost mass credibility because of their own devices yet can yuck it up because they are attempting to cling on to their 15 minutes. Kim Kardashian could save a dozen refugees from a burning blaze and the jokes would still zing about her. The only one that has come away unscathed is Jolie, sort of. It's getting creepy the amount of kids she has nowadays, and sure everyone can say that she wore blood around her neck, or fucked her brother, but she still has that Get Out Of Slutjail Free card that even Madonna is clamoring for. But I digress...

Erin Andrews was at least quietly building herself a career, becoming a well known household name as a female sportscaster on a predom male network. Paying her dues and minding her p's and q's to do what a reporter does, and then some pervert with a spycam brings the reality she was building to a stop. Then goes further and publishes it... and the image, projection, career, life she had built falls down.

When you make your wages interviewing college kids that live, breathe, feed off of viral videos, how are you to pick yourself up and ask them questions of "What'd you think of their 4-3 defense" or "Were you excited that you were able to hit the three before the buzzer", knowing in the back of their mind, they know just what happened in that hotel room? And not just those peoples minds, but the cameraman's mind, the producer's mind, the viewing publics mind? Those people that you were once trying to connect with professionally are basically thinking how they have seen you biblically?

How do you do such a thing? And that is why I feel pretty bad for her. Personally, I think everyone can get over the embarassment of public nudity. But when it effects your career, that is shit that shouldn't be fucked with.
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