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It does suck racking up an extra fifty a month, but my cable bill just auto pays so I don't ever really notice the hit. I find it a little easier for my peace of mind to do it that way than cutting a check for 200 bucks.

I actually started going to my gym b/c of a friend who goes there. They have classes for everything so I do MMA and BJJ at the same place. I think alot of finding a good place is to just look around. You can probably just do a Google search for MMA and the city you live in. Depending on the size of your city it should have at least a few locations available. My advice is to get a friend and just go check them out. Just about every gym will let you take a class for free to see if you like it. I'm personally a fan of the smaller, less fancy gyms because they seem a little more laid back and attract the people who are there to learn instead of to be seen. But like I said, just try as many as you can and see if you like any. Plus, if you take classes at 10 different places you'll get several free classes to decide if you even want to keep doing it.
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