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Hockey Is For Canadians. Damn Straight!

This couple’s daughter’s gi was dirtier than the rest, but with Tide+Bleach keeps her clean and give her more pow, pow, power… hat tip to Team Canada for bringing home the Gold.  Again.

A Rock And Roll Orgasm. It Doesn’t Get #EddieVedder Than This…

TheVine’s Editor Jenna Clarke was in attendance at the gig last night:

To see Jake Clemons, a full horn section and Tom Morello jamming to a disco classic was like getting to eat dessert for dinner, But watching Steve Van Zandt conducting a chorum of violinists, who were — according to Bruce — only discovered late in the afternoon in Brisneyland, was like Christmas Eve. With the added strings they managed to turn the upbeat ditty into something quite poignant. And nailed it.

As my man friend said, it was like watching Bruce Springsteen: The Musical. One minute we were in 1973 shuffling like the pips of the E Street Band and the next, the house lights came up and we were ‘Dancing in the Dark’ but with the lights on. Confronting when the crowd was predominantly 40+. The AC/DC cover with Vedder was incredible and the only time during the 3 hour, 45 minute show that I pulled out my phone to text a friend to say: “I just had a musical orgasm. Eddie just joined The Boss on stage. They sang ‘Highway to Hell’.”

His response: “F8ck. You”.

Burlesque Dancer Twerks To Beethoven

#MichelleLAmour ~ A video of Chicago-based burlesque performer Michelle L’Amour is having a well-deserved viral moment right now — because she’s twerking the shit out of some classical music. And it’s genius.

Two Young Women With A Video Camera On A Canoe Trip…

The first few seconds of the film are still-frames, but just wait until the video starts—you will be astounded. Two young filmmakers in Ireland, Sophie and Liberty, document a natural phenomenon that will remind you of the deeply miraculous nature of the world around us. Some folks will see the hand of God in this, others, the wonder of Darwin’s natural world. Whatever your point of view, you must agree our world is an amazing place.  Go here to learn more about the filmmakers Sophie and Liberty and their work. source

Arizona Kicks Another Fan In Face. Hilarity Ensues.

#sundevilsfan ~ He’s a Sun Devil fan, you’d think he’d be used to getting kicked in the face…

The horrifying moment a football fan kicked another supporter full in the face has been caught on camera. Footage of the sickening act was posted to YouTube on Wednesday, with the description for the clip explaining that the incident happened during an Arizona State versus Arizona game at the Sun Devil Stadium. The beginning of the clip shows a man dressed in a blue top arguing animatedly with a student beneath him.

Mother Throws Baby In Bus Fight

So classy.  How this fight lasted as long as it did is beyond me.  I hope someone recognizes this idiot mother and reports her to CPS… who will in turn do NOTHING.

Jean-Claude van Damme Probably Wasn’t On Coke During This Commercial

#jeanclaudevandamme ~ van DAMN!  I think that’s Chuck Norris driving both trucks…

The Greatest Ever

#brucespringsteen ~ To formally close out their 2012-13 Wrecking Ball tour, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have recorded a benedictory new studio version of “Dream Baby Dream,” the 1979 single from the New York punk-electronic duo Suicide, and posted an accompanying video using clips shot on the road. more

World Cup AND The Olympics? Sure, Why Not.

I mean really, who wouldn’t want to go to Brazil to watch the biggest games on the planet?  Both World Cup and the Olympic Games will be held in Brazil.  How awesome for everyone.  Can we stop trying to pretend World Games can be played anywhere?  They can’t.  Mind you, Brazil has a working government and are oil independent… so WTF do I know.  I know not to go to Brazil, ever.

Nicole Scherzinger Needs To Keep Her Mouth Shut

This is why I could never be a reporter.  Darren Burn called on Nicole Scherzinger to talk about regular ordinary people…in particular Malala Yousafzai.  Her answer will amaze you.  If the Taliban really wanted to torture us, they’d make us listen to hours and hours of Nicole Scherzinger talk.  Apparently Nikki doesn’t watch Jon Stewart or go any where near Facebook.

Look At That Snatch. Makes Little Girl Cry.

little girl baseball game ball taken away

That’s Kris Jenner right?  A woman steals a discarded baseball from a young girl at Minute Maid Park.  The high five just adds insult to injury. What a giant snatch.