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29 Heartbreaking Images From The Protests In Venezuela

Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters ~ Supporters of the opposition have had to carry gas masks while on the streets.

Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters ~ “More love, fewer bullets.”

Stringer/Notitarde ~ Opposition supporter Genesis Carmona is evacuated on a motorcycle after being shot in the head during a protest against Nicolas Maduro’s government. She died shortly after.

Susana Vera / Reuters ~Supporters of the opposition cry while protesting. The banner reads, “Peace with justice.”

Handout / Reuters ~ President Nicolas Maduro gestures to supporters during a rally in Caracas.

The Associated Press ~ Student demonstrator Bassil Da Costa was shot in the head.

Jorge Silva / Reuters ~Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López gets into a National Guard armored vehicle. Lopez, wanted on charges of fomenting deadly violence, handed himself over to security forces.

Christian Veron / Reuters ~ Thousands of Venezuelans take to the streets to protest against the current government.

Jorge Silva / Reuters ~A protester places flowers on the uniforms of policewomen.

Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters ~ An opposition supporter shouts at a riot police officer during a protest.

Reuters Tv / Reuters ~ Video grab from a security camera shows the moment where armed police break into Voluntad Popular headquarters in Caracas.

Jorge Silva / Reuters

Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters ~ An opposition supporter recovers from tear gas.

Jorge Silva / Reuters ~ Students protest peacefully by showing their hands to the police.

Jorge Silva / Reuters ~“Peace.”

Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters

Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters

Jorge Silva / Reuters

Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters ~Gestures of peace from the students toward the police were seen throughout the protests.
Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters

Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters ~ A hearse carries the body of Juan “Juancho” Montoya, one of the one of five people killed during the protests.

The Associated Press ~A student from Alejandro Humboldt University holds up a sign that reads in Spanish “And who has the weapons?” as she shouts slogans against Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro.

Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters ~ A demonstrator jumps on a wall of shields formed by the riot police.

Stringer/Venezuela / Reuters ~ A demonstrator is detained by plainclothes policemen in Caracas.

Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters

Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters ~ An injured man is carried away by fellow protesters.

Handout / Reuters ~ A demonstrator stands with a flag on his back as demonstrators block the city’s main highway.

Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters ~ Riot police use water to disperse demonstrators.

Jorge Silva / Reuters ~ An image depicting Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro.

Just How ‘Effed Up Are The Kardashians?

rob kardashian embarrassment

#RobKardashian ~ Of course we all know how warped Kris Kardashian is, but I really think this time she’s really out of her f8cking mind.  If the reports are true, Kris is a f8cking monster and I’m beginning to think that SHE is the one who’s an embarrassment.  She calls out her own son.  Her ONLY son by calling him a fat slob.  I hope for Rob’s sake he continues to pack on the pounds.  What a disgusting woman.  I know, shock, right?

In an effort to get her son on track Kris, according to a report by Star Magazine, demanded that he attend a ‘fat camp’ to get his weight issue resolved.   A source told the publication: ‘Rob is fatter than ever, and Kris finally flat out told him he’s an embarrassment to the family.  ‘She called him a fat slob and said he’s losing out on business opportunities because no one wants someone as huge as him representing their products.’  And his sisters are alleged to be supporting Kris’ position: ‘They’re embarrassed to be photographed with him and bully him for being fat.’

Kim Kardashian, When Is The N-word Appropriate?

kanye punches kid face

There goes my hero… other than the fact the guy used the N-word, this guy is my hero.  Imagine getting to hold the door open for Xerxes herself, what would you say?  If you had one chance to spew your venom… I’d probably tell her that her and her whole f8cking family are a cancer on our society and they’re worst than terrorists.  But hey, “stupid slut and ni**er lover…” is probably a bit more direct.  Anyway, Kim got upset and called her daddy, but her daddy is dead, so she called Kanye to complain.  Kanye comes to the rescue and punches the kid in the face.  Awesome.

But by far the funnies thing is this:

‘As Kim walked in, the guy allegedly said, ‘F**k these fa**ot-ass n****rs’ referring to the paparazzi,’ TMZ reported.

The reality star told the young man that the N-word was not appropriate to use in that situation.

So tell me Kim, great lover of black c*ck, when is the N-word appropriate to use?

Disick Is As Disick Does

scott disick flipped the bird model

#scottdisick ~I’m actually more impressed by the fact that Caroline D’Amore can walk and flip the bird at the same time.  Who says models are useless?!  I’ve mentioned it before – the whole Kardashian sh*t show is finally falling apart.

#MontyRayGrow Pampers And Strippers. I Mean, Pampered By Strippers

#montyraygrow charged with child abuse after leaving child in car to attend a strip club.  Ahhh Florida.

A former NFL linebacker has been arrested in Florida after he left a toddler in a car while he visited a strip club.  Monty Ray Grow, who has played for the Kansas City Chiefs and the Jacksonville Jaguars, left the three-year-old girl locked in the parking lot of a car dealership in Tampa Bay and popped into the Diamond Dolls erotic nightclub on Sunday night.  Police said she was found by her mother and grandparents more than 40 minutes later after they used GPS to track her down.  By the time Grow returned from the club they had taken the girl away, replaced by waiting officers.  Read more

#mariolopez Humanitarian Of The Year?

#Mariolopez received an award from the, North American Hairstyling Awards… no really.  I guess they never saw this picture of Mario making fun of a homeless guy.  I mean, look at the guy’s hair.  Just disgusting.

The well-groomed TV presenter, 39, had the double honour of hosting the event and receiving an award for being a beautiful humanitarian.  A statement released by event organisers read: ‘His charisma, personality and charitable work with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America  makes him the perfect recipient of this award.   Read more

Brian Kilmeade Makes Baby Cry

#BrianKilmeade from #foxandfriends makes baby hoop star, Titus, cry.   One more reason this guy is a total douche.  Don’t worry Titus, he makes us all cry.

TSA Agents. Real Men Of Genius

Who says the TSA are over zealous?  God forbid we actually profile!  Maybe the TSA agent wanted to have a bit of his own glory, feel the power, no man is above me… I mean it’s the TSA that are the real front line of defense for this country…we salute you Mr. Over Zealous TSA Agent… you’re real men of genius

A wounded war veteran has described the moment security agents treated him like a ‘terrorist’ on a recent trip to California because he couldn’t raise his injured right arm in a full-body scanner and his dress uniform contained ‘too much metal.’

Cpl. Nathan Kemnitz was awarded a Purple Heart after he almost died in 2004 from an injury incurred from a roadside bomb in Fallujah, Iraq. The brave soldier recently traveled to Sacramento, California to receive another award as his district’s veteran of the year.

But, what should have been a celebratory experience was tainted when suspicious security workers at both the Sacramento International Airport and the California State Capitol Buildings subjected him to intense screenings and even ordered him to take off his uniform. Read more

the best of REAL men of genius

Whatever You Do, Don’t Piss Your Wife Off…

wife hires hitman

This chick casually tries to hire a hitman to kill her husband.  This mother of 2 tries to figure out the best day to whack him.  And the best thing, her husband doesn’t want her to see any jail time!

Why MarioLopez Is A Giant Douche

2 sides of #mariolopez.   1) Mario Lopez tenderly kissing his pregnant wife Courtney Mazza’s tummy as their adorable daughter Gia enjoyed a sun-kissed vacation with her parents in Cancun, Mexico on Sunday.  2) Mario making fun of a homeless man.  What an awesome role model.

Farrah Abraham at the Beach

Farrah Abraham  doing what she can to extend her 15 minutes.  I wonder if she brought her daughter along on the shoot.  I mean, good babysitters are hard to find you know… full nsfw pics here