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Hockey Is For Canadians. Damn Straight!

This couple’s daughter’s gi was dirtier than the rest, but with Tide+Bleach keeps her clean and give her more pow, pow, power… hat tip to Team Canada for bringing home the Gold.  Again.

Baboon Grabs News Anchor’s Boobs

#sabrinarodriguez ~ A baboon made the most of his fifteen minutes of fame by grabbing a female reporter’s breast live on air, before looking straight into the camera and giving it a wide grin. Sabrina Rodriguez, who presents for Fox 40 in Sacramento, California, was shooting a teaser for a report on the Lodi Grape Festival on September 12 when the cheeky monkey seized his chance and clamped his paw on her right breast.

Think Racial Profiling Is Exaggerated?

This ABC experiment on race dynamics is easily the best thing I’ve seen on television in years. The result blows my mind, and at 1:50, I literally yelled, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” at my screen. Let me know if you do, too.  source

Dogs Who Don’t Know Their Own Size…

Dogs Who Don’t Realize How Big They Are.  Good things come in small packages, but great things come in huge packages.  more

17 more here

Will Ferrell Answers Internet Questions…

will farrell answers questions

Will takes uncensored questions from his fans!  Make sure the kids aren’t around…

Ghost Tits

This video is from 2012 but still a good one.  A sketch from Paulilu Mixtape and Above Average Productions, a national fear is realized when a man wakes up to find that his girlfriend (played by Olivia Munn) has lost her signature cleavage. Only Mr. Feeny from “Boy Meets World” can help him understand how and why he woke up to this living nightmare and get to the bottom of the conspiracy…

Careful, Obama Is Now Checking You Email

Ohhhhh SNAP.  The Republicans are going to have a field day with this one…


Google photo captures the moment a woman is kicked out by her ex-boyfriend…

A bad break-up can be tough enough, but what if it was captured by Google Street View cameras and immortalized on the web?  That’s the dilemma of one woman, who – after being dumped by her boyfriend several years ago – can be seen beside her car with a pile of her belongings, according to several internet postings.  The image was posted on Reddit and the photo-sharing site Imgur with the caption: ‘Google Streetview captures the glorious moment when my buddy kicks his now ex-gf out of his house.’ Read more

horseboy google maps

A man with a horse head was caught by a Google Streetview car in Aberdeen, Scotland. Horseboy, as he is now known, became an internet sensation after he was spotted by someone searching for an optician…

#TomHanks Pranks Drunk Guy At Bar

This is hilarious! The dude in the white doesn’t know Tom hanks, never met him never will!! Tom was sitting at a bar with his friend having a drink, when he noticed this guy passed out. He went over to see if he was OK and noticed the guy’s smart phone on the table. So he shot off a few pics and put the phone in the guys pocket!! Imagine waking up the next day and checking your phone

Matt Damon Kidnaps Jimmy Kimmel

Thursday night, Damon gets to sit down on the late-night host’s couch for a full interview, but not before getting his revenge.  On “Good Morning America” Thursday morning, ABC teased the appearance with a video that suggests Damon had kidnapped Kimmel.

The two have had a long-standing playful feud, which started after Kimmel’s ex-girlfriend comedienne Sarah Silverman surprised her man with an “I’m f—ing Matt Damon” musical video present during a guest appearance on his 2008 birthday show.   After the video went viral and Silverman won a Creative Arts Emmy for it, Damon and Kimmel’s feud was made famous.  The funnyman’s birthday rebuttal was a star-studded “I’m f—ing Ben Affleck” spoof video aimed back at Damon, which also went viral.

On Thursday night, the two finally duke it out face-to-face in what’s sure to produce ratings gold for the popular late-night show, as it continues its takeover of the 11:35 primetime comedy hour.  source

Is That Poop On Your Shirt?

Growing up, I thought I’d ask and get asked many a question in life. Would you like fries with that? Paper or plastic? Crushed ice or cubed ice? Who called the cops? All pretty standard questions we encounter.

I now have a new and unexpected one to add to the list. “Is that poop on your shirt?”

We have some friends staying over, who also have a kid, which I guess explains why they’d even ask such a question. I mean, when in your normal day, before having kids would you ever think to ask someone if they have fecal matter smeared on the front of their shirt?! I’d just assume it was chocolate.   Anyway, I’m sure they’ll be many more, and if you have any, by all means, share them with us.