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Don’t Treat Your Health Like Underwear

I went to see my awesome chiropracter the other day, I told him about some upper back pain I’d been getting at around 5am, every morning.  It was actually under my right shoulder blade.  I was barely able to breathe.

I thought it was the mattress.  My I’m sleeping in a weird position etc. etc.

I told the doc. Without hesitation, he told me it was my gallbladder.  I prentended I knew what the gallbladder did, but he caught on pretty quickly, that I had no clue.

The gallbladder basically catches all the crap your liver cleans out.  It then passes them on through your lower intestines.  Gotta love Wikipedia.

He asked about my diet.  All in all, it’s pretty good.  Then nighttime falls.  Kids go to bed… out comes the cake, the chips, you name it.  Brutal.  I was eating like I did back in college and quite simply, at 43, you can’t.

gallbladder cleanse

gallbladder cleanse

I think most of us however don’t realize that until something ‘effs up.  Back pain, heart pain, bowel issues…we treat our health like underwear.  We wait until they totally rip until we get a new pair.

I knew I was eating my way just short of a diabetic coma, I’m just thankful it was something as “easy” to deal with.  I’m still on the junk food, I’ve just now cut it in half.

Anyway, what to do about it, other than eating like an adult?  You gotta cleanse that puppy out.

Make sure to do it when you have 48 hours to spare.

6 Ounces Virgin olive oil
5 Ounces Coke CLASSIC.  It Has to be Coke Classic.  Nothing else.
Teaspoon of Lemon Juice

It’s ‘effing nasty.  But you can imagine what 6 ounces of Virgin olive oil will do to your intestines.

The very next morning, I work up with a lot less pain, and the day after that, none at all.  It was amazing.  Unfortunately I did mine the day before Thanksgiving.  Probably not the best move, which is why I suggest giving yourself a 48 hour windor.  Like a good weekend better, only this one is healthy for you.