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Hot Hollywood Celebs With Boobs

The weekend is almost here – which means nothing to me anymore.  I’ll be lucky to catch a couple of football games, but other than that, I’ll be chasing my kids around, wishing instead I was buried deep within Demi Lovato’s thighs.

Hollywood’s Mentally Ill Celebs

When you’re basically a f8cking nobody, you gotta get out and hustle everyday.  Some of us, pick up trash, some work at coffee shops, some shovel sh*t… these idiots take pictures of themselves all day… just so you can remember who they are.

Celebrity T&A Weekend Round Up

Football is back baby.  Nothing says “Fall” like watching Tony Romo throw for a few interceptions…  I think, The Leftovers was also only last night, but who the ‘eff knows.  I stopped watching that show a few weeks back.  Just brutal.  As boring and bland as Justin Theroux’s GF, Jennifer Aniston.  Speaking of boring and bland… here are some celebs who are desperately trying to shock us in order to stay relevant… sadly, it seems to be working.

Celebrity T&A

The weekend is here, which means another Saturday of missed college football.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and catch a bit of a game in-between shuttling my kids around to various kid’s events.  Or maybe I’ll waste some time downloading and jerking off to pics of celebs… maybe both.  Either way, it’s gonna be a whole weekend of excitement.

Celebrities Who Love Themselves A Bit Too Much

I know it’s a redundant title… all celebrities love themselves…especially these ones…

Nicki Minaj Helps Advance Black Woman’s Power

While Ferguson burns to the ground… #NickiMinaj is doing her part in helping advance the black man’s cause.  How can one be a racist after looking at these stills?  Good job Nicki, way to empower young girls every where.  #amirite?

These Pics Should Cure Your Mondays

#jessicasimpson looks mortified to have her picture taken in a bathing suit… wait, bathing suit?! WTF?!

Who’d You Rather?

Happy Monday!  I’m sure your week will be filled with tough questions and decisions.  What am I doing with my life, Am I happy..where do I see myself in 10 years time… and who would I rather bang, Selena or Gemma.  These are standard questions in life.  Good luck!

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More Mentally Ill Hollywood Celebs

#vanessahudgens is probably one of the bigger idiots in Hollywood.  She leaks nude pics, she wears ridiculous clothes pretending to be a hippie… and now she’s feigning bashfulness… when the only reason anyone knows who the f8ck she is, is because of the paparazzi.

Hot And Mentally Ill Celebrities

Scientists link “selfies” to narcissism and other mental health issues.  I think it’s time to celebrate Mental Health week, every week!

Hollywood’s Boobs And Asses

ahahahaha, why yes, I do know that I have a perfect body… but here, look at my vag it’s even more perfect.