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I’ve Just Been Turned Off Women

And I thought the New Year was supposed to be a fresh start?  F8ck,  Here we go again.  Another self obsessed year of Hollywood crap.  Yaaaay humanity.

Hollywood’s Finest Braless And Tasteless

So I have no idea why are morals and priorities are all ‘effed up.  I just can’t put my finger on it… not without a shot of penicillin…

Hump Day Hotties

It’s Wednesday.  Which means I’m a little more happy than I was on Tuesday but not as happy as I will be tomorrow…. I get happier as we move closer to Saturday.  I imagine most of you feel the same way.  Anyway, here’s a bunch of rich people who probably couldn’t tell you what day of the week it is, because they don’t care.  They have someone else that does the caring for them.  Speaking of not caring… Jennifer Lawrence with no bra… #BFD.   There’s video of her diddling herself … we’re supposed to care about pasties on nipples?

When Your Balls Drop, It’s Go Time…

I was talking to my buddy today about jerking off.  Actually, I was talking to him about his 13 year old son jerking off… I tried to remember how young I was when I started… and how one knows to keep going until you “finish”… it’s actually pretty amazing that once your balls drop, you start going to town on yourself.  It’s instinct.  Anyway, speaking of jerk-offs… here’s some of Hollywood’s best… doing there thing, bringing the very fabric of our society down with them.

Kim Kardashian Is A F8cking Idiot

As if we didn’t already know… look at the gaping mouth… all ready for her camera close up.  The awesome thing is, she’s going to teach her daughter the value of hard work… wait what?  Does this mean a North sex tape in 17 years?  My son is turning 2… so with any sad luck, he’ll be watching North in a pee party…

Miley Cyrus Lets It All Loose

My wife has been gone for a few days, leaving me with double daddy duty.  It’s been awesome.  I wonder if it’s a bad thing when you don’t miss your wife?  Speaking of bad things…

Useless Celebrities Being Useless

So Friday is here…I’ll blink and it’ll be over.  The good news is, HNIC is back baby.  #gohabsgo

The Upside Of Hollywood

 dad’s #tvroundup ~ My wife and I enjoy watching a bit of TV.  It keeps us from talking to each other.  It’s great.  We’ve gotten out a few shows and we carve out about an hour or so a night to watch, On Demand… so here are the hits and misses…

Ray Donovan – season two is now over.  AWESOME, AWESOME show.  By far my favorite.
The Strain – season 1 is about to end.  We won’t be watching season 2.
The Leftovers – season 1 ended a few weeks back.  Couldn’t even watch the rest of the episodes.  Sucked so f8cking bad.
Legends – midway through season 1.  It’s picking up.  Mindless, violence and Sean Bean is great.  Will continue to watch.
Married – season 1 is over.  Awesome show.  Can’t wait for season 2.
You’re The Worst – season 1 ended.  Can’t wait for season 2.  Great show.
Welcome To Sweden – season 1 ended.  NBC picked it up for season 2.  Awesome.
Orphan Black – season 2 ended a while back.  Seemingly forever waiting on season 3.  It’s not a bad show.
Grimm – Can’t wait… season 5? starts this month.
Parenthood – totally forgot the last season started this past week.
Homeland – let’s see what they get up to this season.  Another awesome show.

So that’s pretty much it.  Feel free to tell me I suck at choosing shows…

Is this a f8cking joke?  She sure doesn’t mind taking tons of nude pics of herself… but don’t you dare try and take a pic with her clothes on… she’s such an idiot.

Hollywood’s Pussy

#kimkardashian simply can’t think for herself or do anything that doesn’t require her mommy to be there… here she is after misplacing her lipstick…  Actually, it’s after some scuffle in Paris where she got her hair pulled.  Sadly it didn’t end with her being shot.  Although I would feel bad for their ugly daughter.  Or maybe not.  Anyway, this has got to be one nominated for TIME’s picture of the year?!

Kendall Jenner Looks Pretty High

She’s making a living as a model, having her picture taken with every move.  So it cracks me the f8ck up, when they play coy, trying to hide their face… idiot.  She’s only 17 and she’s living the life of someone who’s 30… can’t wait for this chick to get hooked on drugs and develop an eating disorder all by the time she’s 21.

Hot Hollywood Celebs With Boobs

The weekend is almost here – which means nothing to me anymore.  I’ll be lucky to catch a couple of football games, but other than that, I’ll be chasing my kids around, wishing instead I was buried deep within Demi Lovato’s thighs.