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Not Slutty Like The Kardashians…

slutty kardashians

The #Jenner sisters were on some show, doing something to promote themselves (I’m guessing).  It was some hidden camera show.  Anyway, Kylie and Kendall were both shocked when the person they were trying to fool makes a statement about “not slutty like the Kardashians” … the girls recoil in horror as if it’s the first time they have heard someone call them slutty.  Their entire empire is built of a sex tape, yet it shocks them that someone would dare call them “slutty”.  Whatever.  They live in their little slutty bubble where they actually think they are doing the world a favor with their mere existence.  Why couldn’t they be like Air Malaysia and disappear off the face of the planet.

Hot Wet Bikini Babes

It’s hump day.  So what more appropriate way than the celebrate with Lucy Mecklenburgh in all her camel glory.

Gemma Atkinson And Her Wet Pink Bikini

#GemmaAtkinson ~ looks pretty damn good in a bikini.  That is all.

Kim Kardashian Is An AWESOME Sister

It must be awesome having a sister who loves herself more than anything on the planet.  Even her ugly kid I’m sure take second seat.  Given the size of Kim’s ass, I’m sure she probably has to take 4th, even 5th seat…  Anyway, I’ve spent way too much time on this post.  F8ck Kim, F8ck her sisters and their entire family.  Anything Kylie can do, Kim can do better.  Kim’s upset that Kylie is way hotter and didn’t even have to release a sex tape!  Here are some more celeb pics because I’m too lazy and self respecting to waste anymore time on celebrity posts.  Today, anyway.

Who’d You Rather?

I watched the Habs get blown out by the Kings last night.  Though the score didn’t reflect the beat down (habs only lost 2-1) Les Canadiens were simply outplayed.  It was like men v. boys.  Anyway, speaking of being outplayed… here’s Miley and Candice.  Miley is like the Montreal Canadiens and Candice is like the LA Kings.  Both are playing the same game, one just does it way f8cking better.

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Anastasia Ashley Bikini Photos. Yummy!

So i got yelled at by the wife last night.  Turns out I emptied the dirty dish washer and put everything back where it belonged.  The dishes didn’t look dirty to me, so I thought I’d help out by putting them away.  So next time I don’t empty the dish washer, I’ll get yelled at again.  It’s this awesome never ending cycle.  Anyway, speaking of dirty… here’s Drunkenstepfather’s crush, Anastasia Ashley.  I’ve been curious why she hasn’t been splashed out over the blogosphere more, but that was before I saw her face…

Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman Bikini Photos

#NatashaOakley #Devin Brugman ~ Sexy Bikini Photos.  Don’t know which one is which, but it doesn’t really matter.  Let’s call them big boobs and unlucky boobs.

Lucy Mecklenburgh. Better Coverage Than NBC Olympics

Don’t know if you’ve been watching the Olympic “coverage” but it sucks.  I’ve just read all about Shaun White… and NBC is only showing it tonight.  Awesome.  If sucks because NBC knows that there is no other option but to watch NBC… and if you live in LA – you get Fred f8cking Roggin doing the Olympic coverage warm up just before one eyed Bob Costas beams his pink eye into your living room.  Same thing happened for the London Olympics, same thing for Vancouver.  Remember during the London Olympics they decided not to show the tribute to the victims of the subway and bus blasts that killed 37… but instead showed Ryan Seacrest interviewing Mike Phelps?!  Anyway, speaking of London… here’s Lucy Mecklenburgh.

Kelly Brook Amazing Bikini Candids in Miami Beach

I’m no photographer, I just like ogling pictures of hot chicks, but I think the photo shoot went pretty well?


Claudia Romani. Break Out The Dressing, It’s Time To Toss Some Salad.

#ClaudiaRomani ~ has a pretty ugly face, which is why she’s always wearing over sized sun glasses.. I gotta hand it to her, she knows her strengths.

Sexy Celebrity Fem Douche Twitter Pics

Here’s an awesome article on Fem-Douche pics before you click, it’s not what you’re thinking.  I just thought it’s an appropriate article for today’s picture post.