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Some T&A For The Weekend

The weekend is wide open…

Kate Upton Seems Like A Lot Of Fun

#kateupton seems like a lot of fun.  She clearly has no body image issues… or teeth image issues… she doesn’t seem uptight at all.  She’s do great at a pub!

Hollywood’s Finest Views

Now that the World Cup is over, it’s time to get back to work…

Hot Mentally Ill Chicks And Other Hot Ass

Here’s some hot, mentally ill chicks.  According to studies, selfies are a sign of narcissism and other mental illness’.  I say we celebrate the mentally ill.  They need love too.

Hollywood Ass And Titties

What a fantastic weekend.  Specifically, the Netherlands beating Mexico in the knock-out round.  I watched, The Counselor on Saturday.  My God, what a piece of crap.  Anyway, speaking of crap…

Some Hot But Mentally Ill Celebs

The growing trend of taking smartphone selfies is linked to mental health conditions that focus on a person’s obsession with looks. more

IRINA Shayk May Have Sand Up Her Crack. Just A Guess.

#IRINAShayk insists she’s got too much class to strip off completely for Playboy.  Waaaayyyy too classy.  Having men slap wet sand on you is a much better way to go.

Hot Celebrities T&A. Turn Down For What?

Claudia Romani on a boat reminds me reminds me of this awesome video of a bunch of d-bags, loving themselves until it all goes terribly wrong.  Remember, pride always comes before a fall.  Go Habs Go!

Aye Chihuahua!!! Hot, Dirty Mexican

Her name is Briana Lavat and I found her on FB this weekend.  She came up as “other people you may know”.  I don’t know her, but I’d really like to… and not in the Facebook sense of the word either.  I want to know myself all over her.

Not Slutty Like The Kardashians…

slutty kardashians

The #Jenner sisters were on some show, doing something to promote themselves (I’m guessing).  It was some hidden camera show.  Anyway, Kylie and Kendall were both shocked when the person they were trying to fool makes a statement about “not slutty like the Kardashians” … the girls recoil in horror as if it’s the first time they have heard someone call them slutty.  Their entire empire is built of a sex tape, yet it shocks them that someone would dare call them “slutty”.  Whatever.  They live in their little slutty bubble where they actually think they are doing the world a favor with their mere existence.  Why couldn’t they be like Air Malaysia and disappear off the face of the planet.

Hot Wet Bikini Babes

It’s hump day.  So what more appropriate way than the celebrate with Lucy Mecklenburgh in all her camel glory.