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The East Coast Needs Sara Sampaio

If you stare long enough at this picture, the snow that’s been covering your life for the last 6 months will start to melt… Here’s Sara Sampaio a Victoria’s Secret model along with some pics of Victoria Silvstedt…not a Victoria’s Secret model.

Elsa Hosk Leaves Nothing Secret

#ElsaHosk ~ Victoria’s Secret Photoshoot Candids in Miami.  Really nothing to say…

Claudia Romani Goes Down

I like a girl who knows what a man wants.  In this particular case, we don’t want to see her butter face.  EVER.  But her shapely buttock is certainly something we can all get lost in.  Just don’t f8cking look at me.  EVER.

Celebrities Who Love Themselves

#GenevieveMorton.  It’s Tuesday which means I’m one day happier that it’s not Monday, 4 days depressed that it’s not Saturday.  However, this one pic of Genevieve Morton certainly makes it feel like Friday!

Who’d You Rather?

Happy Monday!  I’m sure your week will be filled with tough questions and decisions.  What am I doing with my life, Am I happy..where do I see myself in 10 years time… and who would I rather bang, Selena or Gemma.  These are standard questions in life.  Good luck!

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Hot And Mentally Ill Celebrities

Scientists link “selfies” to narcissism and other mental health issues.  I think it’s time to celebrate Mental Health week, every week!

Some T&A For The Weekend

The weekend is wide open…

Kate Upton Seems Like A Lot Of Fun

#kateupton seems like a lot of fun.  She clearly has no body image issues… or teeth image issues… she doesn’t seem uptight at all.  She’s do great at a pub!

Hollywood’s Finest Views

Now that the World Cup is over, it’s time to get back to work…

Hot Mentally Ill Chicks And Other Hot Ass

Here’s some hot, mentally ill chicks.  According to studies, selfies are a sign of narcissism and other mental illness’.  I say we celebrate the mentally ill.  They need love too.

Hollywood Ass And Titties

What a fantastic weekend.  Specifically, the Netherlands beating Mexico in the knock-out round.  I watched, The Counselor on Saturday.  My God, what a piece of crap.  Anyway, speaking of crap…