Who Me? I’m Not Promiscuous…

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Here’s one sure way to figure it out.   I have this skanky hot and chunky Asian neighbor. I run into her now and again and and we go through the pleasantries of saying, hello, how are you.

The spaces between her teeth are stained from smoking and she doesn’t have a lot to say. None of which matter cause she has these big floppy tits that she loves showing off in her low cut tank tops. So who’s looking at her teeth.   Let me describe where I live… I live in an apartment building and the car park is below my bedroom window… I always hear traffic coming and going… Like a blind man I now have a heightened sense of hearing… especially the step of fat Asian women.   Throughout the year I have noticed her coming and going with different guys all the time, 4 AM, 9 PM whenever.

One day when I saw her I jokingly said:  It’s hard for me to sleep when you come home at all hours of the morning with different guys

Asian Whore:  I’m not promiscuous, if that’s what you’re saying

Me:  Ahhh, no. I just said it was hard to sleep

See here’s the thing, if someone volunteers their innocence before you ever suggest anything, chances are they’re guilty.  More than likely she has had some sort of incident where someone accused her of being a skank.  So now she is defensive and sensitive to the subject.  Just fess up to it. Yes, I am a whore. I like to fuck many men. That sort of admission won’t win you any long term relationships but if you’re a whore, who cares.  Besides, the world needs a good whore.

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