Sorry I Didn’t Call. I Lost Your Number…

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I Lost Your Number...

You haven’t heard from her in a couple of days and when you do see her she tells you, I lost your number. Bullshit.  But like a fool, you fall for it and give her your number again. You just want to believe that she’s gonna call you, but she’s not.

If we lose a girl’s number because,like an idiot we write it on our hand and it rubs off over the course of the night… We’ll do anything and everything to try and get that number back.

We’ll look it up in the phone book, of course if you never even got her last name, it could prove challenging.   We’ll call our friends, their friends, her friends, directory assistance… we’ll do whatever necessary to find that girl’s number… we’ll find their class schedule and wait for them on campus…

The point of this dribble is, if a girl tells you she’s been meaning to call you, or she lost your number and that’s why she couldn’t… she’s lying.   Especially now with this whole new Internet thing. People can always track you down. If, Penis Pill companies can find my email address, surely so too can the honey you met at your friend’s party.

If someone wants to talk with you, they will. Don’t accept the run around from anyone who tells you, I was gonna call you but I didn’t have time. Or, I lost your number. It takes 5 seconds to leave a message and 25 seconds to find all the information you need about your neighbors and classmates. Bless the Internet.   So they’re trying to let you down gently and you just can’t take a hint OR they’re just a-holes and they give everyone the same excuse.  Either way, move along.

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