Double Standards? Get Over It Already

double standards men women

double standards for men and women

Here’s an email I got from some chick asking about double standards…

Question: Why is it so much more acceptable for teenage boys to be sexually active than it is for teenage girls? People seem to hold me to a higher standard than they do my brothers and guy friends, and i don’t understand what I did to deserve this. I think this is why girls hardly ever want to make the first move.

Excellent question – one that I have no answer to other than – WAKE – UP!!!   Life is brutally unfair. Your statement,” I didn’t do anything to deserve this” is absolutely valid. You didn’t.  You were simply born a girl, which in some countries can get you killed (see China) so consider yourself lucky.

But a more direct way to answer your question – have you seen the news?  Men are predators.   You’re a girl – you can get knocked up, raped or beaten up a hell of a lot easier than a guy.
So, no matter what you try to tell your folks – they’ll never listen because they are trying to protect you for as long as they can from the scum of the earth.   So in a backwards way, be thankful.  Be thankful that your parents know a hell of a lot more than you do.

Your fight is well appreciated, but unfortunately you’re up against evolution.  Which of course depending on your belief, never existed in the first place.

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