What Can I Do To Make You Like Me More?

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What Can I Do To Make You Like Me More?

The other day, one of my many girlfriends asked me what she could do to make me like her more. I replied, “Can you be a different girl every night” which, in hindsight probably wasn’t the best answer, but it was the most honest, which I’ve learned isn’t always the way to go.

As dick-ish as my answer may have sounded, I tried to convince her that what I said was a good thing. She didn’t buy it.

Here’s the thing, no matter what your girlfriend does, you’re still going think about banging other chicks. I was trying to tell her not to take it so personally. Sure, dye your hair, get fake tits, get in shape…that’s all good, but don’t be confused if we still want to hump every girl we see, especially in the summer when skin is everywhere. So knowing all this, it should be less stressful for girls. In fact, the harder a girl tries, the more bored we get. It’s actually a no win situation. The urge for guys to bang will always be there (poetic, isn’t it). But we can control it, and therein lays the eternal hope.

So ladies, don’t get upset or take it personally if he likes strips clubs or looking at porn – in fact, you should be more concerned if he doesn’t like looking at someone elses’ boobies…still not buying it eh?

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