Lindsay Lohan And Her Boobs, Making Friends All Over Town

Lindsay Lohan mom Dina Lohan

It’s nice to see Lindsay has it all under control now…

It’s disgusting that someone, some company, some magazine or whatever would not just invite this mess to an event, but to have her actually host it? What kind of people are we hoping to attract with this?

Here’s actually how I see it. The Lohan’s are some of the most important role models in Hollywood. They are perfect examples of how not to run a family and of what drugs can do. As much, on a cellular level, I despise the Kardashian’s and everything for which they stand and represent, That monster of a mother, runs a tight ship. If there are drug problems, nobody knows about it (yet). They made $65 million last year. The Lohan’s?

These are teachable moments!

A fellow Dutchman, had drinks thrown at him last night, for trying to take Lindsay’s picture. He’s a legitimate photog, and she throws drinks at him. Kicking ass and taking names. Go get ‘em Lindsay.

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