Selena Gomez Enjoys Her Bikini

Weekend was pretty good. HBO finally showed a good movie on Saturday, The Town. Damn, Blake Lively is fine. And even hotter all drugged out.  I also had to drag my lazy self to a kid’s b-day party.  Now most of the time, I have to stay at least 50 yards away from any parks or schools, but this time I knew the parents.

They decided to have a party in the park, at 5:30PM and not serve food.  Unless you consider cupcakes, food.  So they technically had “food and drinks” which was pretty much consisted of cupcakes and water.  My wife bought a gift and the gift of course needed a gift bag… and some fancy “hey it’s your birthday” $10 card.  So all in all, we spent about $40 on a kid’s gift and got to sit on a bench in the park drinking water…. which considering the 100 degree heat was well needed.

Sunday was a bit better, I ate a nice brownie and went to see Harry Potter.  Thankfully it was over 2 hours because half way through, I couldn’t feel my legs… Anyway, speaking of kid’s parties… here’s Selena Gomez enjoying her padded self in a bikini.

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