Women: Why All The Talking?


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It’s the end of the day, you’ve pretty much run out of all your words.  You just want to sit on the couch, watch some sport, maybe down a couple few beers and forget the pain daily living brings.  But you haven’t seen each other all day, so what better time to catch up then when you walk through the door.

You give your one words answers, and not to sound like a total douche, you ask her a question or two.  But instead of answering in a few short words, she mentions, the colors, the shapes, the conditions, every detail of the story.  You drown it out with a few simple head nods and an occasional, ‘u-huh’ ‘yup’ ‘great’.

But it never started out like that.  You used to love asking about her day.  You’d hang on to every detail, asking her more questions as the conversation went deeper.  However, now you realize that with every question comes a barrage of information, only which some of it you retain.  So what happens is, she asks you about it later but you weren’t listening.  She gets angry and repeats the whole conversation.  But this time like you are a 3 year old, which you pretty much are.

There’s really no way out.  Like most, grin and bear it and pound back another beer.

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